Damien L. Grant

I bring over 13 years of experience as a Mortgage Lender as well as a Real Estate Broker working with a variety of loan products such as Conventional, FHA, VA loans, to assist first time buyers and Non QM products for self-employed buyers.

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My Story

I am a professional Mortgage Advisor and Debt Manager who streamlines and facilitates the home buying experience through personalized mortgage loans. By prioritizing my clients’ financial goals, I help both realtors and a variety of buyers capitalize on the real estate market, make smart purchases, and grow financially.

In fact, I believe in growth on all sides. Beyond assisting buyers and realtors through the loan process, I also advise buyers with credit coaching and assist real estate teams with digital marketing.

Lastly, I stay up to date with the latest tech and marketing trends to help the real estate community grow strategically online.


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